Node 03. Decentralized Art

Hosted by Sam Brown - Building A World; Exhibition curated by Alexine Rodenhuis

The Web3 Art Makerspace is hosted by Sam Brown the artist behind explodingdog which started back in 2000. For a short while he was kinda internet famous; he is internet normal now. At the Decentralized Art Node a series of collaborative drawings will be created by the community. Each individual drawing will be done with the idea that it will be attached adjacent to one of the other drawings on the wall. Take a sheet of paper, learn more about the collective rules and guidelines (or adjust them with the community when needed), think and draw in a way you’ve probably haven’t before. Close your notebook. Be creative.

Collective Creativity is an exhibition which brings together the work of six international artists who are examining ideas and applications of decentralisation. Whether practical or ideological, the underpinnings of decentralisation are grounded in an ethos of collective action and purposeful distribution of power away from a central authority. Through their distinctive practices, each artist approaches these principles of deliberate dispersion in a unique way, further contributing to an expanding conversation about the potential futures of artistic practice. Together the works presented represent a snapshot of an ecosphere where creative action is communal, united and shared.
The artists featured are:
Anne de Boer
Grayson Earle and the Dark Inquiry collective
Sarah Friend
Aaron Koblin
Cullen Miller and Gabriel Dunne
The exhibition is curated by Alexine Rodenhuis.